FCC Mock Inspections

Fort Bend Broadcasting offers a mock inspection to see if your staff is ready for an unannounced FCC inspection. Once a client hires us for a mock inspection, our highly trained and experienced staff shows up at your station unannounced and conducts a mock inspection following the same protocols the FCC follows. Upon completion of the mock inspection our staff sits down and goes through our discoveries with the owner/manager of the station. We offer our suggestions on what can be done to be in compliance with the FCC so you can pass your inspection.

We also offer training to the entire staff at the station. Fort Bend Broadcasting believes the more knowledgeable your entire staff is the better your real FCC inspection will go. Once we make our recommendations to your station it will be the responsibility of the station to maintain the level of accuracy, therefore Fort Bend Broadcasting cannot assume any liability for your performance and ratings on actual FCC inspections.