Anita Easter

Anita has worked in broadcasting since 1983, taking her first job as News Director/DJ at KVKM Radio in Monahans, Texas immediately following her graduation from Youngstown State University. At YSU, Anita earned a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communication. Anita met her husband Paul at KVKM and they soon moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. They were married in 1984 and lived in Corpus Christi for the next 16 years, most of which she spent running their business, L&P Electronics, Inc. Anita had a brief stint as a News Reporter at KEDT-FM radio, the local NPR station in Corpus Christi. In 1999, Paul and Anita moved to Chicago where Anita worked for Salem Communications for 9 ½ years. Currently, Anita serves as the Business Manager for Fort Bend Broadcast Services, LLC,. Also, Anita specializes in FCC Public File Compliance, helping stations insure that their public files are legal according to FCC rules and regulations. Anita has a 34 year old stepson, Adam Easter and a 24 year old son, Paul Jr.

Paul Easter: Fort bend Broadcasting